About Our Classrooms 

We have four classrooms at CLC: waddler, toddler, and two preschool classrooms! Our staff:children ratio's are best practice, so we offer a lower ratio than state maximums. We believe that is important and each and every child gets the necessary attention they need in order to blossom into the best person they can be. 

12 mo - 24mo
Ratio - 1:6

Baby Bears


Our classroom is a nice, cozy, and quiet room suitable for the critical development for your infant. We create a monthly lesson plan that helps your baby in developing large motor skills like sitting, crawling, standing, and walking. We also focus on small motor skills including, but not limited to, passing object from one hand to the other and grabbing small finger foods (when age appropriate). It also includes art work, sensory activities, and reading time!

2yr - 3yr
Ratio - 1:5

Lady Bugs


We nick-named this classroom the "scientist's classroom". At this age, they are exploring and experimenting with all their new found skills. They are mastering walking, learning how to use a spoon and fork, learning how to communicate using their singular words, and SO much more! Our stimulant-rich environment is just the place they need to thrive and our monthly lesson plan supports their development in all aspects. 

Preschool 3
3yr - 4yr
Ratio - 1:7



At this stage, your toddler will be want to be more independent. Our classroom is filled with tools for problem-solving activities, creative cirriculum, and physical movement to encourage that independency. We focus on further developing motor skills like balancing, jumping, and skipping. With our weekly lesson plans, your child will learn how to use their words to express their feelings and thoughts, learn to identify colors, and everything else they'll need to be a preschooler. 

4 yr - 5 yr
Ratio - 1:9



Our main goal in this class is to get your child more than ready for kindergarten. Children will learn things like how to follow a school schedule, write their name, and identify all letters of the alphabet. We focus on subjects such as math, science, creative art, and reading/writing. Our weekly lesson plan is rich in developemental appropriate curriculum that will ensure that your child will be confident in themselves when they leave CLC.